Sanctuary of Warriors

We are the best HL2DM Clan EVER!


This is a parody site.  All content is taken from PUBLIC sites with no known copyrights and are therefore part of public domain.   


Here's why we were gone for a while:

"Hello. I'm part of an online video-game clan called "$anctuary of Warriors", we've been around for a LONG time and are the #1 North American clan in the game we play (half-life 2:deathmatch). Someone recently brought it to my attention that our website (which was taken DOWN many years ago) was back UP again... However upon trying to use that URL I was redirected to Someone took the time out of their life to create an ENTIRE website that "parodies" our original one however the information on it is COMPLETELY bogus and entirely nonsensical. The "members" section contains *SOME* pictures of actual clan members, these pictures were taken from private photo galleries online that are not publicly available and posted WITHOUT the permission of the person in the photo.

There is a Forum section that is also completely bogus, all the posts are made by the site's creator (I assume) yet they are under the fake accounts of our "clan members". The posts are full of dry humor that is only meant to insult us and make us look like jerks or feature us talking about one another or ourselves in a very improper, unprofessional, and vulgar manner. There are also several "comments" on the website (all except one which I myself left) that are quite rude and some even racist (like the guestbook)." 


 For those whose feelings have been hurt (Queen):

1.)  $W hasn't been the number 1 clan in North America in a very long time. In fact, even though your team won CAL a few times, you could have easily been beaten by other, better clans who chose not to participate.  In short, your team never really was #1.

2.)  This site does not post any private information.  Everything was obtained from sites that are public domain, and contain no copyright.  Therefore, none of the content here violates privacy or copyright.

3.)  lolololololol, cry much?

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